Font Mora Sainz de Baranda

FONT MORA SAINZ DE BARANDA is the firm that resulted from the merging of GENÉ FONT MORA, which specializes in procedural and commercial law, and DEXTRA BALEAR, which specializes in tax and administrative law. This confluence places the new firm among the main ones in the Balearic Islands. At the same time, it will make it possible to offer more complete and comprehensive advice to their clients.

The firm is composed of various professionals from different areas of law and economics, all of them with proven experience and a sound professional background.

In an increasingly complex world where problems and/or conflicts need to be and must be tackled from different perspectives, solutions must be global. And these solutions can only be offered by having a multidisciplinary team of professionals.

FONT MORA SAINZ DE BARANDA carries out its professional practice in the field of legal, tax, and economic advice, negotiation and mediation, and dialogue with the different public administrations; as well as in the judicial field. Thus, the firm, in the course of practice, addresses the various legal matters and procedural steps that may arise in each case.

The FMSB team specializes in tax planning and corporate restructuring for natural and legal persons, both resident and non-resident (national and international).

In addition, it is a member of the network of national firms NetIure and the network of international firms Law Link.